Livestock Research Coordination


Livestock are the key elements in securing livelihoods of the rural population in Ethiopia. Now-a-days, the demand for livestock products is growing faster than ever before. To keep pace with the growing demands and be competitive with our livestock products both at domestic and export markets, it is necessary to have a comprehensive improvement on the prevailing traditional livestock production systems.


This necessitates to promote modern livestock development in the country with strong commitments to resolve all sorts of the complex challenges to be facing in due course. For realizing modern livestock production, it is decisive to have appropriate packages of improved livestock technologies that suit a specific production domain of the country.


The National Livestock Research Coordination Unit of the Ethiopian Agricultural Research Council Secretariat focuses on seven research programs to discharge its responsibilities. The research programs include red meat animals, dairy, poultry, fishery, apiculture, forage and pasture, and rangeland management programs.


The Unit prompts enhanced collaboration and partnership among the constituents of the national agricultural research system, to ensure effective linkage and desired livestock research outputs, by leading and overseeing the alignment of the livestock research agenda towards the priority needs of the country as set on the roadmap of the council.  This unit is also expected to strive on building livestock research capacity of the country and continually facilitate for researchers to acquire advanced scientific knowledge/skill.