Agro-Climatology and Geospatial Research


The globally growing scale of climate change impacts, such as atmospheric temperature increases, the erratic distribution of rainfall, and increase of desertification, are posing severe potential risks to pertinent developmental issues. The future of our agricultural development, too, challenged by climate change and its complicated impacts such as incidences of drought, flooding, pests and diseases, which require a prompt remedial response of the research system.


Ethiopia has been suffering recurrent and intense crises on a nation-wide scale as a result of El Niño. Particularly, in the past few decades, the frequency of these incidences has shown a significant increase, putting too much pressure on our agricultural as well as overall development efforts. As far as alleviation of the problem is concerned, the research system is expected to significantly contribute to the development of climate change resilient green economy by generating alternative technologies that put the impacts of climate change and variability into consideration. In this respect, the following research directions shall be followed in the implementation years of the Strategic Plan.


Climate change monitoring

As regards with agricultural development, establish a research system for measuring, reporting and verifying climate change related parameters; develop a reliable agricultural system that allows for the attainment of the national zero net carbon emission goal by 2030.


Weather forecast

Establish an agro-advisory system that provides forecast-based, producer-level advisory services by exploring new and modern approaches and testing their adaptability and implementing them on a national level.


Mechanisms for measuring climate change vulnerability and mitigating its impacts

Generate weather change information thatcan be used as input for the development of agricultural research and development strategy; set up a warning system by assessing the relationship between weather and the outbreak, spread and pandemic of animal diseases and pests and generate information that help mitigate the impacts of diseases.


Suitability of agricultural activities

Publish cartographic information (map)that shows the distribution livestock/crop varieties, spread/incidents of diseases, pests and weeds, changes in farming systems and land coverages, status of rangeland resources, soil conditions, and feasibility for irrigations.


Agricultural research-based weather information database

Establish and modernize weather information collecting agro-meteorology stations and set up a modern database system that facilitates the collection and analyses of pertinent information.