Fostering partnership and collaborative research to help the research system provide agricultural technologies and knowledge for a rapid and sustainable economic development


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አገራዊ የግብርና ምርምር ተቋማት የሚመሩበት የአሰራር መመሪያዎች ማዕቀፍ (Ethiopian Agricultural Research System Legislation)


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Attain a globally competent, world-class agricultural research system capable of contributing to the Ethiopia’s renaissance through transforming the country’s agriculture sector




Coordinate the research system towards a common goal of generating modern agricultural technologies and information; enhance research capacity and efficiency; facilitate and support promotion and popularization technologies for a wider demand; strengthen relations and cooperation in agricultural research; and intensifying the linkage between research and agro-industries.



The objective of the Council shall be to coordinate, lead, set directions and build capacity of the national agricultural research system by fostering partnership and collaborative research to enable the research system to avail agricultural technologies and knowledge that would contribute for rapid and sustainable economic development of the country.